Monday, September 29, 2014

Approved Sneakers Market

Hey everyone!
Yesterday my roommate Mirjam and I went to the Approved Sneakers Market in Amsterdam Roest!
To be honest, I expected more from the market itself because most sneakers were just really expensive, but nevertheless I saw some pretty amazing shoes (too bad I do not have money to buy one pair). They had everything you can think of, most of them were NIKE, but they also had other brands like Reebok, New Balance and Jordan Shoes.

What I loved about this market were all the individual sneaker loving people that were present and the atmosphere in the area of Roest! Definitely worth the 3,50€ entrance fee and it was just really inspiring to see.

Below you can check out my photos from the Sneakers Market! :)
Have a good day!

Think squared, Laura S.

Take a walk! Sneakers -loving people at the market! 

I wish I would have bought these shoes, but unfortunately they were one size too small :( 

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